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Love watching a innovative and original move? Then it might be a good idea to book some cheap flights to Beijing just in time for The 48 Hour Film Project.

The artsy initiative involves wannabe directors coming from all over the metropolis to take part in the challenge to make an inspiring and creative movie, which starts on Friday July 30th.

The twist, however, is that the shoot must be filmed in two days – exactly 48 hours.

Once this time period is up, the results will be screened to audiences on August 6th at the Ullens Center so they can choose their favourites.

Teams participating in the challenge will receive a character, a prop and a line of dialogue on the Friday night – with previous examples from years past being advice columnist Bitsy Ballou, an electric fan and the words “is that the best you’ve got?” – and must develop and complete the picture around that.

The challenge runs in different regions all over the world, but the one in this Chinese city is starting in a matter of days – so if you’re interested, start looking at Beijing flights now.

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