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How many times have you felt cheated by the HUGE difference between the brochure photos of your hotel and the (sometimes) harsh reality? Surely there are a few of you out there. To beat this, has collected some of the most outrageous cases of truth versus fiction: the hotel edition.

Wide angle shots to hide the fact that times are tiny, totally misleading close-ups, young and beautiful people lounging by the pools (instead of the usual retirement crowd)… these are just some of the tricks hotels use to make their establishments stand out in brochures and on hotel websites. is about to reveal the truth behind the photos by comparing real photos versus those in the hotel’s ads and brochures to help travellers really choose a nice hotel. Hotels… are you ready for your real close-up?

Riu Palace Punta Cana

Looks like the most magical place to get married…


…but the view from back here, with the ceremony’s invited (and uninvited) guests it’s a different story.


Aqua Hotel

A trendy hotel with surfers in the swimming pools… wait, surfers in swimming pools?!


Yep, this is definitely the place where our surfer friend was “catching waves” …but where are the waves? And the surfers?


Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana

This hotel is located on one of the most romantic and secluded beaches in Punta Cana. It’s a paradise and couples will have every chance to promenade down the beach, totally on their own…


Unfortunately the reality appears to be slightly less romantic and looks like just about every other beach on a sunny day in the Dominican Republic.


Grand Palladium Bavaro Resort and Spa

This marketing photo shows some amazingly cool couple straight out of the 80’s enjoying a host of exquisite gastronomic treats at this hotel buffet.


It seems there there’s significantly less on the menu these days.


Hyatt Regency Washington

This hotel is just a stone’s throw from Capitol Hill in Washington DC…


…and if you had arms like Hercules, your stone might actually reach it.


Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort Montego Bay

The hotel’s gym is a fabulous way to work out, meet new people and enjoy incredible views of the beach…


…wait a second, where’s the window?


Hotel Nash

Another hotel with a gym…


…showing the importance of finding a nicer place to take the photo.


Las Palmas By the Sea

This hotel is surrounded by swaying palm trees and shows a rather attractive looking pool and jacuzzi with a rather attractive looking models…



…the truth is there is a pool and jacuzzi at this hotel. But they’re usually overcrowded with kids in inflatable tubes and middle-aged bears.


“Hey! I saved you a spot!”


See more like these in the Oyster Fakeout Gallery.

Have you ever been unexpectedly surprised at your hotel like this?


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