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Stargazers across the UK experienced a rare treat in February as the Northern Lights danced across British skies. Some even sighted them as far south as Essex and Gloucestershire! Pics of the lights came in from all over the country. 

It was a rare and spectacular evening for those who found themselves out of doors and away from the city on February 27th as the night sky lit up in brilliant hues of pink, purple, green and blue. The Aurora Borealis rarely make an appearance in Britain but stargazers could spot them all over the country in Norfolk, Aberdeenshire, Orkney, and Whitley Bay near Newcastle.

It’s no wonder social media exploded with tweets and snapshots of the lights from all over the country. The Northern Lights are usually only visible from the most northern parts of the UK but thanks to a surge in geomagnetic activity, it led them to be visible much further south than normal last Thursday night.

@N_T_S: Did you see the #NorthernLights over Scotland last recently? Here’s a shot by Glen Sloss near Brodick Castle #Arran


@ToftM: Another aurora shot from the uk last week, still amazed! #NorthernLights #aurora #auroraborealis


@Elizabeth_Annex: Shetland last night..amazing ! #NorthernLights


What about this one, shared by @Caroldtravels, and captured onboard a British Airways flight over the UK? Brilliant! We wouldn’t mind a view like this one the next time we catch a flight to Edinburgh!


Miles Grey captured the Northern Lights perfectly from Calton Hill in Edinburgh and shared it on Flickr.


It’s nights like these that remind us how great it is to stargaze in Britain. Have you been to one of the Dark Sky Parks yet? Did you spot the Northern Lights on Feb 27th?

Img: brian tomlinson / Flickr cc.

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