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Is it Cinco de Mayo again already? Not like anyone needs an excuse to down Mexican-styled cocktails and celebrate the culture that gave us burritos, tacos, corona and piñatas but if you’re feeling festive, today’s the day to celebrate! Across the USA, Cinco de Mayo parties are where it’s at.

To be straight, Cinco de Mayo actually has nothing to do with Mexico. It’s not Mexican Independence Day and it’s not even a Mexican holiday. It is only recognised in the USA but that’s completely beside the point. Like many other holidays taken from other cultures (primarily St. Patrick’s Day and Oktoberfest), Cinco de Mayo is also about drinking and partying.

Where does the holiday come from? In 1861, a small troop of 4,000 Mexicans crushed the French army which was twice their size in Puebla, Mexico on this fateful day. The holiday, made official in 2005, now celebrates Mexican heritage and pride. Enough history, it’s time to celebrate! While it’s too late now to grab flights to the USA, there’s still time to organise your own tequila party.

How to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

  1. Indulge in some serious Mexican cuisine (which includes but is not limited to Tex-Mex), try to get more creative than nachos or tacos.
  2. Decorate your place with Mexico-themed things (ie. piñatas, red and green from the Mexican flag, sombreros and maracas).
  3. Turn the Mexican tunes way up! There’s more to Mexican music than cheesy mariachi bands…
  4. Don’t forget the Mexican beer and ingredients to make up some tasty Margharitas.

In case no one has said it yet, Feliz Cinco de Mayo! ( the following message is brought to you from your friends at Juice Fruit)

Have you ever celebrated Cinco de Mayo in the USA or even Puebla? How will you be showing your Mexcian pride today?

Img: tj scenes / Flickr cc.


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