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It’s okay if you’re a little bit behind on things and haven’t even given a thought to your summer holidays. There’s still time to plan and something that the whole family will love. Here’s your guide for choosing the right destination for your next family holiday.

The summer holidays are the best time to really unwind and finally spend some quality time all together as a family, whether you decide on a staycation or hope to hop abroad in the next couple months. Where to go? That’s the oldest question in the travel book. So we’re here to help!

Why a staycation is back in style

“They” say the financial recession is over in the UK but it appears that more Brits than ever are choosing to stay at home this summer. What’s the big draw? For starters, there are no airports involved and no flights (no one wants to be that parents with a screaming child). There’s also no lengthy waits at airports and no passports to worry about losing.

The UK offers some pretty fantastic destinations. If the summer is anything like last year, we could be in for a treat. While Brighton and Cornwall are always a good idea, Scotland offers plenty of wilderness for the kids to explore (just be warned about the midges in July).

Staycations teach kids about what’s in their own backyards and it’s a great way for them to learn to appreciate their own country. Sometimes it feels like a competition, who can travel furthest over the summer holidays but we think there’s more value in knowing about one’s own territory.

Cornwall is always a good idea

Why going abroad is the way to go

The weather is probably going to be better. If you don’t want to risk the possibility of rain on your holiday, then booking flights to Italy is probably the safest option, especially if you have your heart set on the Mediterranean. If sun, sand and the cool turquoise waters of the sea are your priority, best to start looking for those passports now.

Travelling abroad and going up into a big, giant plane is really exciting for kids. With so many different cultures within a couple hour’s journey from London, do you really want to stay home?

This is the best time to introduce kids to new languages, cultures and foods. Italy is a great place to taste real pizza, while they might surprise you by really liking the couscous in Morocco.

Family bonding in Vietnam

We’ve probably made things even more difficult for you by offering tips for both staycations and travels abroad but when it comes down to it, you should pick a destination that suits the needs of your family. Take into consideration the age of your children, what your travel budget is and what you’re interested in as a group.

Want some more help organising your family holidays? Check out our post Family holidays: the recipe for success.

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