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Finding space to relax on a crowded beach has long been a struggle for holidaymakers, with many resorting to leaving belongings behind the night before in an effort to reserve a space for the next day. The Italian coastguard, however, has had enough – they’re cracking down on beach spot hoggers.

Operation Safe Sea is aiming to combat the ‘unfair’ practice of beach goers reserving spots the night before by leaving beach towels, chairs or other belongings on the beach in order to bag a space the next day. Anyone caught doing this could be hit with a fine of €200 (£170) from the Italian coastguard.

In some areas, the practice is already illegal – such as in Cecina, Tuscany, where leaving belongings on the beach before 8.30am is a crime.

What do you think of the move to free up space on the beach?

IMG: Tropea, beach, Piervincenzo Madeo / Flickr cc.

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