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With Ramadan not far away, hoteliers in the Middle East are beginning to seek to attract visitors such as those with cheap flights to Dubai by offering great deals on places to stay during the festival.

Even if you’re not planning to celebrate the Muslim religious period, a trip to the region by using the cheapest flights to Dubai coupled with one of the many special offers around could mean you can enjoy a dream holiday at a knock-down price this summer.

And yesterday (July 12th) published a list of the top 20 promotions available to travellers at this time as hotel owner vie for the business of the increased number of people that will flock to the region in the coming months.

For example, the website suggests trying any of the emirate’s five Address Hotels and Resorts as they are offering “an array of choices for friends and families to celebrate Ramadan”.

Meanwhile, Dubai last week hosted a fashion show featuring the work of designers such as Sara Hegazy.

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