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People heading off on cheap flights to Hong Kong in the near future have got a culturally diverse experience ahead of them, a report today (July 15th) has stated.

According to the Global Times, anyone getting the cheapest flights to Hong Kong will be rewarded as the destination, which the report describes as a “city of charm“, has “so much to offer” visitors of all ages and tastes.

And, the article suggests, why not check out one of the island’s most popular attractions – Ocean Park – while there?

Located in the southern region of the destination, Ocean Park has an exciting mixture of “entertainment, education and conservation facilities” that will keep all the family happy.

The park – which opened in 1977 – covers a total area of 870,000 sq m and has exhibits and rides, as well as a panda habitat and an aquarium with more than 2,000 fish in it.

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