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That was it. That was the last bank holiday until Christmas Day. Don’t get down in the dumps about it, there’s always next year. Take advantage of any long weekends you can get in 2015 and start planning your trips early. Now is not a bad time to already be thinking about next summer’s holiday!

2015. Too early to start thinking about how you’re going to spend your bank holiday weekends next year? No way. Start the year off right with a getaway after the usual Christmas celebrations. New Year’s Day falls on a Thursday and most employers won’t ask you back to the office until the following Monday so take advantage of it.


With two bank holiday weekends in May, it’s a good idea to take a spring holiday someplace with plenty of sun to rejuvenate after the winter. Flights to Morocco are usually cheap around this time. Get the most out of your bank holiday by taking off the week before or extending your long weekend until the following weekend.

The August bank holiday weekend is unusually late next year, but everyone knows that flight prices drop in September, so “peak season” maybe just dip down to shoulder season prices.


Easter and spring breaks

Spring is a great time to plan a trip. In 2015 you’ll have not only Easter’s long weekend at the beginning of April but also two 3-day weekends in May. It’s the perfect opportunity to get out of the city and escape to the countryside or explore a city you’ve been dying to discover in Europe.

Trip ideas: Spring is a great time to take a city break. To get the most of your weekend and get the best price on your flight tickets, start looking for flights at the beginning of 2015, in January or February ideally. You can see a lot in only a weekend, try visiting one of these cities next spring: Barcelona, Lisbon, Rome and Madrid in southern Europe and Berlin, Prague, Budapest and Krakow in Central Europe (click to find a flight to that city, typically for less than £100.)

Christmas and New Year’s


Christmas Day and New Year’s Day both fall on Friday (obviously). Flight prices are typically ski-high during this time of the year, when families all over the world are travelling home and abroad to see friends, family and relatives. During school holidays and Christmastime, it’s essential to book your flights as early as possible, at the end of summer.

Where do you hope to spend your long weekends and holidays in 2015? What destinations are at the top of your list?

Imgs: islandgyrl, simon__syon / Flickr cc.

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