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Dear Copenhagen, as a traveller hoping to see the entire world, I’ve always had my eye on you. You’re effortlessly chic, a little bit edgy and alternative and everyone likes you. But as a budget traveller you always seem just out of reach. Until now. Yours, Pound-strapped traveller.

Dear Pound-strapped traveller,

If you’d only get to know me you’d see there’s a lot more to me than pricey (but obviously totally worth it) Danish design labels and up-scale eateries. Give me a chance and I’ll show you how to really experience the best city in Denmark without pushing your budget to the limits.

Yours, Copenhagen.

We’ve seen how to experience Florence for free last week, so let’s head to the Danish capital this time, a country known for its friendliness and being one of the safest countries to visit, just not to the budget. Pound-strapped or not, there are endless cheap and free things to do in Copenhagen and these will just get you started.


Without a doubt Christiania is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Copenhagen but it’s not your usual tourist stop. It’s a living neighbourhood, a social experiment that started in the 1970s and is still going on today. To be short, Christiania came to be when a group of young hippies took over some abandoned military barracks and demanded autonomy from the Danish government. The founding group saw it as the best chance to build up a working society from scratch.

Today Christiania is an eclectic mix of street art, “eco-houses”, artist studios, meditation centres, cool coffee shops and overgrown and wild gardens and parks.

City sights


The Little Mermaid statue has become a national symbol for Denmark and you can find this modest statue in Copenhagen in the Langelinie Harbour. According to legend, or rather Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale, the mermaid must sit on that rock for 300 years before she can join the human realm and find her prince to marry.

The Citadel is also popular on the tourist trail, built in 1626 and considered one of the best preserved of its kind in Northern Europe. From the fortress, check out the view of the city harbour!

Like many European capitals, Copenhagen also gives visitors a break and offers free admission to museums on certain days of the week and that day is Wednesday.

  • Denmark Design Museum – includes contemporary, decorative, applied arts and industrial design exhibits.
  • Thorvaldsen’s Museum – displays the best plaster and marble works from Bertel Thorvaldsen, one of Denmark’s most heralded artists from the 1800s.

Cycle, cycle, cycle

Bike lane

Put the fun between your legs and get on a bike to see the city. Copenhagen is a city for cyclists and is home to the first and largest bike-sharing scheme in the world. There are 110 bike stands around the city where you can pick up a set of wheels for a deposit of 20 DKK (returned upon drop-off). Follow the designated cycle paths and have fun!

What are you waiting for? Get your flights to Copenhagen and enjoy a summer city break! We promise it doesn’t cost as much as you think!

Imgs: Bamshad, betsyweber, mararie  / Flickr cc.

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