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With Euro 2012 in full swing this week and the Olympic Games just around the corner, it is safe to say that there are certainly a lot of sporting events this summer to attend. What to bring and where to go? We’ve got a few ideas from yesterday’s #TTOT.

Travellers on Twitter revealed their essential items to bring to any sports events, including some pretty specific kit for having a good time while up in the stands. As for which sporting events are really worth travelling to, we also covered that on Travel Talk on Twitter. From football to ballet (that’s a sport, isn’t it?), we’re off to the races!

Get your kit together

Some things are just more appropriate than others but it seems that beer has a special spot on everyone’s list of must-have items at sporting events, and friends to share it with (the game, not the beer).

Spanish fans

Q2 via @tripcrafters: 5 things to take with you while you are attending any sports event.

‏@NatForeignMag: TICKET, camera, beer money, extra layers and a loud voice!!

@AllyTravels: Can’t go anywhere without sunglasses, camera, sunscreen, bug spray and a cocktail.

@FunJoel: 5 good friends.

@ehalvey: Water, sunscreen, snack, camera, and a good luck charm.

@justinhamlin: beer, beer, beer, nachos and beer.

@RunawayBrit: An umbrella if it takes place in the UK.

@cabenuevo: Earplugs, of course! (well, for car racing.)

‏@Real_Gap: Giant finger, air-horn, drum, face-paint and someone not interested to get the drinks!!

@CityPASS: A flask of Jack Daniels, water, a cowboy hat, a cardigan & beef jerky.

@anhnguy3n: Vuvuzela

Events worth travelling for

Disney Marathon

The Twitter crowd was all over the board on this one but there’s no doubt that football matches were among the top answers! Here are the most popular sports events that are worth making a trip of.

Q3 via @TravelDudes: Which would be The sports event you would travel around the world for?

  1.  World Cup
  2. Olympic Games, winter or summer
  3. Rugby World Cup
  4. Wimbledon
  5. Tour de France
  6. Formula 1
  7. Disney Princess Marathon
  8. Super Bowl
  9. Sailing regattas
  10. Guinea pig racing in Australia

We’re still scratching our heads over the guinea pig racing one, but it does sound cultural and has the potential to be very thrilling, just ask @HipTraveler!

Which sports events have you or would you ever travel to see? What are your must-bring items for any game?

Travel Talk on Twitter takes place weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30 GMT and 21:30 GMT, why don’t you join in? Follow the #TTOT hashtag on Twitter and answer the travel questions that pop up every 10 minutes for an hour. Next week’s topic: Travel Surprises 

Imgs: ryusha, braveheartsports, mguertin / Flickr cc.

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