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Do you love to travel? Are you also a complete fan of gadgets and techy stuff? Here’s our collection of six must-haves for your inner traveller geek, from backpacks to sandals to cameras and more. Embrace the geek, you’ll never know what you might need while on the road.

Lomography camera:

Lomo cameras are the hot geek item on the photographic market right now. Inspiring plastic and essentially “toy” cameras help photographers get their arty groove back with fish eye lenses, multiple exposures and more. Be spontaneous and pack lots of film. For some ideas, check out the 10 Golden rules. Diana (featured image) costs £70.


Solar powered backpack:

Charge your mobile phones, laptops, camera batteries, pretty much all of your hand-held necessities while travelling with this super groovy backpack. Just sit out in the sun or charge while you’re walking. The solar panels on this backpack are tough, lightweight and waterproof. It produces 4 watts of energy, meaning 1 hour in the sun will power 3 hours of iPod time or 1.5 hours of talk time on your mobile. Its available from Voltaic Systems in different styles ranging from £65 to £160.


Franklin 12-language (speaking) translator:

This handy little machine is programmed with 12,000 different phrases in twelve different languages. It stores around 450,000 different words making it one of the most comprehensive electronic phrasebooks and one of the smallest. If you can’t master the phonetic Chinese translation or decipher the alphabet, just press speak and it’ll say it for you! Listed price is £149 by Franklin.


Noise cancelling headphones:

We all know what it’s like to get on a long-haul flight and you’re beside someone who’s snoring. A few rows back a baby is crying. These headphones are bulkier than a pair of ear buds but they are super comfortable. They are powered by a pair of AAA batteries which give 35 hours of music listening juice. The volume switch is right on the cord. Made by Able Planet for £193 but Bose also makes a pair for £226.



Wine skin:

If you’re headed to any wine region and you want to bring a few bottles back with you, don’t worry about exploding bottles ruining your entire wardrobe in one go. This wine skin is essentially bottle-shaped bubble wrap that seals perfectly. Keeping any liquid inside and protection the bottle from the outside. Retails for about £8 for a 5-pack. Made by WineSkin.


Stash sandals:

A must-have pair of flip flops if you’re travelling to a hotel with a pool or any beach. These sandals, made by Reef, look innocent enough but have secret trays in the soles where you can stash your valuables while taking a dip in the pool or while you’re at the beach. You never have to worry again about where to hide your keys or your wallet while your swimming. The drawer is big enough or a hotel key, credit card, coins and bills, etc. Just hope someone doesn’t steal your sandals! Available on Amazon for £29.


Do you a few must-have travel gadgets that aren’t on our list? Tell us about them by leaving us a comment below!

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  1. why buy a translator? i've found that stumbling along with a few words in a foreign language is where the real adventure begins when traveling.

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