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Venice may be dealing with some high tides and flooding right now but it doesn’t make it any less exciting to visit! Are you a cash-strapped traveller heading to this iconic Italian city? Don’t worry, there are plenty of things to do here for free.

City Views


For that panorama you’ve been dying to get don’t dish out to climb the Clock Tower in Saint Mark’s Square. Instead, get a little bit more creative. Head to the central train station and into the nearby parking garage called Piazzale Roma and take the elevator to the very top floor. From here, Venice is ready for her close-up and it’s a view that is completely free.

 St. Mark’s Square


Do not dare leave Venice without having experienced this place. St. Mark’s Square is Venice and it’s always filled with tourists but that doesn’t matter. It’s essential. Get up close to the Astrological Clock to admire all the details and stare in awe at the Basilica with all its golden splendour. If you’re on a budget, forget about sitting down for a coffee at one of the bordering cafes. At night many of these places have live music, which can be enjoyed for free if you’re “casually” passing by.

Wandering the streets is always free


Without a doubt the best part of Venice are the tiny streets and bridges, hidden squares and unsuspecting architectural masterpieces that you happen upon by mistake. Luckily this is entirely free to do so why not leave your tourist map at your Venetian hotel and just wander for the day? Always use the Grand Canal to keep your bearings because it is very easy to lose yourself in this labyrinth of a city.

Flights to Venice
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  1. I’ve been to Venice with my freinds and it was really exciting! We’ve visited museums and exhibiotns, but we had so much fun as well! I remeber Campo S. Margherita, a typicall venecian square where guys usually meet day and night to have a spritz. There were a lot of tourist but we booked online some tickets before our arrival. (I think that) we booked the “skip the line tickets service” on htttp:// and so we avoided a long queue that’s always at the main entrance of St.Mark’s Basilica

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