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Coffee fuels our cultures. We’re addicted to its flavour, the kick it gives and enjoying a cup with friends has become a social phenomenon. “Let’s go for a coffee.” As the world’s second most important product, these are by far the best places to taste and enjoy coffee around the world.

Drinking coffee is a culture all on its own, one that changes with every border you cross. Roasts, strengths, styles of preparation… it’s endless, which is a big part of the magic of that dark drink we love. If you have a soft spot for a good cup-o-joe, then listen up. These are the best places around the world to enjoy a cup of coffee.


Havana cappucino

There’s no question that Cubans love their coffee as much as their mojitos. Coffee in Havanah is served up in small little cups… black and potently strong with a touch of demerara sugar. The beans are produced locally in the Escambray and Sierra Maetra Mountains. For the locals, these shots of coffee are drank throughout the day, when you meet someone by chance on the street. Some Cubans even dip the end of their cigars in their espresso before lighting it up!

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Italians have their own way of doing things, especially when it comes to drinking coffee. If you want to experience this in true local fashion take a look at our guide: Decoding Italian coffee culture in 5 steps. Coffee is a serious matter in the land of espresso machines. Learn the terms for each of the types of coffee before you order or just follow what the locals are ordering before you. Ordering a coffee with milk after noon is the best way to give away that you’re a tourist!

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Vienna coffee

The Viennese are proud of their coffee culture, so much so that they claim themselves to be the “coffee capital of the world.” Strong claim? Maybe but coffee is an essential part of daily life in the Austrian capital. The city’s classic Kaffeehäuser are famous among foreigners, just as much as classical music and are a tourist attract all on their own. Order an Einspänner and linger for hours. Bring a newspaper or book, notepad. These coffee houses after all are where many poets were born!

  • Kaffee Alt Wien, Bäckerstraße 9
  • Café Central, Herrengasse 14 (Palais Ferstel)
  • Café Frauenhuber, Himmelpfortgasse 6 (where Mozart used to hang out!)
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São Paulo

Coffee drinking in Brazil has its rituals. In the morning it’s always with milk, known as café com leite. During the day, they take it strong, black and sweet, cafezinho. This is mostly thanks to the Brazilian’s Italian roots. Most restaurants will also serve you a little shot of espresso after a meal, usually for free, you just have to ask politely. Also, keep your eye open for coffee shops selling coffee made with their own beans.

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Turkish coffee

Istanbul is a give-in right? Everyone knows about Turkish coffee but surprisingly it’s not as popular on home soil as you would think. Turks themselves prefer tea, çay. That being said it’s not hard to find a great cup of coffee in the cultural centre of Turkey. Istanbul has a ton of traditional-styled coffee shops that serve up coffee very similar to Greece. It’s thick, bitter and well… strong. When you get your shot, let the grinds settle for a few minutes to the bottom of the cup and remember not to tilt too far back when you drink it.

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Where in the world have you tasted the best coffee? How do you take yours?

Imgs: MiiiSH, Duda Pan, Maxpax / Flickr cc.

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