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Oppa is Gangnam style, Gangnam style… Don’t worry, we can’t believe we’re writing a post about Gangnam either! Wondering where this viral masterpiece took its inspiration? It only takes a trip to Seoul to find out.

As if you haven’t heard this song enough!


Gangnam is the Beverly Hills of Seoul. It’s where the rich and famous live and as a district, enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the South Korean capital. Even Google has an office in Gangnam. It’s the place to be and be seen and is not to be missed while on holidays on Seoul.



For all your shopping delights, this underground mall has it covered. It’s the largest underground mall in Asia, covering an incredible 85,000 square metres. The mall features hundreds of shops, two giant food courts, a 16-screen cinema, aquarium and museum. There is also a gaming area used to host video game competitions which are even televised.

Kimchi Field Museum


After a trip to the local Gangnam mall, you’ll probably want a dose of intellectual culture. That’s where the Kimchi Field Museum comes in, strategically located right inside the mall. This museum is all about the Korean food kimchi, including the food’s history, recipe variations and why it’s so important to Korean culture and tradition.

Seolleung & Jeongneung Tombs


Here’s a spot to brush up on your Korean history. There are two Joseon Dynasty kings buried here as well as one queen. The royal tombs and stone guards protecting the tombs offer an interesting looking at  Korean burial traditions. The site is an UNESCO World Heritage Sight and offers a quiet place for reflection away from such a busy commercial district.

Be honest, how many times have you watched this video and enjoyed it?

Imgs: lohasteru,  hayneskittishoen / Flickr cc.

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