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Hopping on cheap flights to Beijing is certainly exciting – but it can be a slightly daunting prospect, too.

Fortunately, help is on the hand from experts such as those at Beijing Tours, a tourism service in the city.

It has released a few tips for having a safe and happy trip in the Chinese metropolis, which holidaymakers might do well to follow.

Firstly, voyagers are advised not to go for what might be their usual option of travellers’ cheques, as transaction fees for these can be quite steep. Instead, the enterprise recommends packing a stash of debit and credit cards, as well as ready cash.

What’s more, that might be nearly all of your packing done – the firm says that too many people overstuff their cases for their Beijing flights when really, little is needed that can’t be bought overseas if necessary.

Inexpensive shopping can be a highlight of your trip, so pack lightly but bring extra empty bags with you to fill with … all the bargains that you will find,” it explains.

This echoes advice published in the Four Seasons Magazine recently, which raved about the retail options on offer in the country.

Lastly, it suggested jet-setters relax and enjoy the unique experience that China offers.

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