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Part of the fun of travelling to a new place is getting involved in the culture and watching it grow and change – so booking cheap flights to Beijing to see the end of the Mid-Autumn Festival could be a good shout.

According to, the event is designed to bring families together, so if you have relatives over in the Asian country, it might be the perfect opportunity to jet on over.

The three-day event began yesterday (September 22nd) and is apparently seeing people break away from traditions and begin to embrace innovative and exciting experiences, the news source continued.

For example, visitors may be more likely to take a vacation around the country during this time, which could mean that cheap hotels in Beijing will be taking advantage of bigger crowds with more deals that are good value for money.

"However, no matter how people choose to celebrate the festival, the essence is still the same: wishing for safety and happiness for one's family," sociology professor Wang Zhongwu told the publication.

And if you do decide to secure those tickets, don't over-pack – tourist group Beijing Tours recently revealed too many people stuff their cases so full on the way to China, there's no room for their souvenirs going back.

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