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Autumn leaves and setting suns, we’ve already started to feel the changes in season seeing summer fade and chilly winds and early dusk take its place. There’s no denying it, but autumn brings with it great travel deals, new flight routes and hotel deals. Paris is in the spotlight this season since Flybe has added 6 new routes from the UK to the French capital.

Flybe is stepping up its low cost airline game, giving other UK-based airlines like Ryanair and easyJet a run for their money. Fly has introduced 6 new routes to Paris (some of which don’t start until November 15th) which means that the City of Lights is that much closer to budget travellers from the UK this season.

Depart from:

  • Norwich for £36
  • Barra / Hebriges Island for £114
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne for £48
  • Wick for £114
  • Glasgow for £46
  • Dublin for £157

Autumn is a great time to travel for several reasons. First is that cities tend to be less crowded now that the tourist tidal wave has succeeded. Prices drop as well meaning better rates on flights and even hotel rooms. You don’t have to wait in line to get into museums or other attractions and you can spend more time really enjoying the city as a city rather than dodging crowds of American or Asian tourists, each with cameras slung around their necks. If you want to catch some of this season’s best jaunts, check out Autumn, still enough sunshine for everyone.

A city like Paris is timeless, no matter how many times you visit or how often there is certainly something to see/do/taste/explore that is completely unique. There is a reason why it’s one of the most visit cities in the world! And we want a slice of it this season!

Tell us about your Paris favourites!
What attracts you most to this capital: French cooking, the language, art museums, city attractions…? Stop dreaming and start searching for a cheap flight to Paris on!

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