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Greece is gearing up to to welcome a record-breaking 19.5 million visitors this year and in hopes of attracting more, they’re turning to social media with a new app and a new campaign.

Athens is pulling itself out of the tourism rut it got itself into a few years ago and with the help of Marketing Greece, the capital city is pushing a new campaign called, “I’m an Athenian Too.”

Visitors are encouraged to upload their favourite trip photos to the Athenian app, add a sticker that identifies where the photo was taken, or how they were feeling, and then share it on different social media platforms. The goal? To portray Athens as “an edgy, exciting European metropolis with an ancient heart that is worth spending more than a single day to explore, beyond the obvious attraction of the Acropolis,” according to Marketing Greece spokesperson.

Want to see the app in action? Check it out!

Img: screenshot from video

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