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London’s Camden council is proposing a £1 per night hotel tax, which would raise £5m to spend on additional street cleaning. 

It’s a story we’ve all heard before. Major European tourist cities like Venice, Florence, Paris and Berlin have used “bed tax” as an easy way to raise money for public amenities. The price of a hotel room in Camden could be raised a quid a night with this new plan, which is very much supported by council cabinet member Theo Blackwell, who commented,

“We face £70m of government cuts over the next three years. The money would be used to keep our streets clean and maintain and improve the public realm. Currently these budgets face a 20 per cent cut.”

The money is planned to be spent on extra street cleaning in popular tourist areas, like Camden Lock near the always popular Camden Market. It will take new national legislation or a local voluntary agreement from Camden hotels, guesthouses, hostels and inns however to see it put into place.

Img: jmyorston / Flickr cc.

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