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Liverpool, the birthplace of the Beatles and home to a luxurious Beatles-themed hotel. Soak up all things Beatles and some sumptuous comfort while you’re at it at the Hard Days Night Hotel. This tribute hotel is sure to be a winner amongst the many fans visiting Liverpool in search of The Beatles’ story.

Welcome to the Hard Days Night Hotel, boasting 110 themed rooms: each one decorated in Beatles-inspired artwork and the finest furnishings. Never visited Liverpool? Shame on you! It’s about time you made it a priority to visit the roots of this iconic rock band on a summer road trip. Hire a car and make it a rock tour! In case you need a little help, we’ve even prepared a guide: Liverpool for dummies… including all the must-see places along the Beatles trail.


Hotel of your Beatles dreams

This 4-star hotel opened in 2008 and bears the name of one of the band’s most popular songs. Located in a gorgeous 19th century neoclassical building, built in 1880. The hotel is in the heart of Liverpool’s so-called Beatles Quarter, with the famous “Cavern Club” right next door, the place where the Lennon, Starr, Harrison and McCartney and used to meet to play gigs and hang out.

The best room in the house goes for a whopping £950/night. There are two to choose from: the Lennon Suite or the McCartney Suite. Curious whose room is the highest in demand? John Lennon’s of course! You’ll even find a white piano in the room, like the one appearing in the video for the song, Imagine.


The hotel also offers a number wedding packages, named Imagine, All You Need is Love, All My Loving and From Me to You.

The hotel’s other rooms cost a decidedly more affordable sum of £95-115/night whether you go for the luxury room or the deluxe room. There is also an in-house restaurant and dining hall. Of course The Beatles theme runs throughout…








All you need is love…

You can bet this hotel hasn’t overlooked the idea of themed weddings. Couples can host their weddings in the Two of Us room which can accommodate up to 75 guests. This room isn’t just available for weddings though but birthdays, baby christenings anniversaries and any other type of occasion that calls for some Beatles magic.






Have you been to Liverpool to see where the Beatles first started? What are your favourite Beatles sights around England?


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