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Tallinn was sworn in at Europe’s 2011 Cultural Capital on the first of this year, the same day it adopted the long-awaited Euro. What’s on offer this year for this Estonian city?

Being a coastal capital, Tallinn has taken to the sea for inspiration as well as incorporated its art & design community into the year’s programme. Exhibitions, concerts, performances and sporting events, there’s something going on 365 days of this year.

How to get there: EasyJet flies London – Tallinn starting at £57. Flights depart from Stansted Airport.

Top 5 cultural events in Tallinn

1. Open Courtyards in Kalamaja

Open courtyards

Tallinn used to be a pedestrian friendly city, with open courtyards and curious nooks that walkers could discover. A lot of that changed but this year, the Old Town will re-open its “nooks and crannies” on six summer/autumn evenings. Each evening a different Kalamaja courtyard will be open with lots of wares for sale from art and craft vendors, organic producers, home-baked goods and coffee from the Boheem Café.

2. Cinema in the City

Open air cinema

Rooftop and open-air cinema is having a come-back in Tallinn this year. Guerrilla cinema is the main dish at these rooftop terraces that offer not only a unique film experience, but stellar views of the city skyline. Films will range from timeless classics, avant-garde cult films to new releases. There will be traditional food and drinks available at all screenings. Open May-November at various locations.

3. “Kont” Street Art

"Kont" art International and local street artists alike are invited to participate in this summer art festival to paint their seaside stories in whatever shape/form on shipping containers. These containers will remain on display and visitors will have their own chance to participate, meet the artists and see works in progress.

4. World of Sound & Reverberation


“Chromatic,” a public art piece located at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds (Narva mnt. 95) is an interactive sculpture which visualizes the chromatic musical scale used in just about every classic and pop song in the last three hundred years. Discover the twelve notes from F to E in three-dimensions. Sing, talk or yell around the sculpture and feel the reverb!

5. Kumu Night

Kumu Night

One night a year (May 20th, 2011) Kumu Art Museum transforms itself into a night club, complete with live music, concerts, cinema and loads of people. Local and international musicians and djs host the event. Highlights? The elevator bar and rooftop cinema. This year a special new media art exhibition will take place.

Will you be heading to Tallinn this year to check out their cultural events?


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