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It looks like Berlin has learned a thing or two from Dubai: if you built a super mega-mall, shoppers will come. The Mall of Berlin, a 270+ store complex is just that, a giant mall aimed directly at boosting tourism to the German capital.

Berlin is Europe’s fastest growing tourist destination and it has recently opened its newest attraction, a giant shopping mall in the centre of the city. It’s the newest place for visitors in the capital to spend their money and within a year, The Mall of Berlin will be the biggest shopping centre in the country as 30% more space is added.

They’re not even calling it a mall, but a new city district, one that will certainly hurt the shopping malls in other parts of the city. Berlin has also opened a dozen new hotels recently to keep up with the increase in tourist numbers. Like Dubai, Berlin’s reputation as a shopping destination is boosting the city’s economy.

The Mall of Berlin is located on the site of the former Wertheim department store, just a 5 minute walk from Potsdammer Platz and boasts 100,000 square metres of retail space in low-rise stone and glass townhouses that mirrors the area’s pre-war architecture.

Img: Mall of Berlin Facebook page

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