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Turns out that Google Earth can be used for a lot more than just looking at your house from space. Archaeologists are finding new and previously undiscovered sights around the world using Google’s satellite technology. The latest case is in Egypt.

Angela Micol, who runs the website, has claimed to have found two undiscovered pyramids in Egypt using Google Earth. This isn’t the first time that satellite technology have helping discover new ancient sights but the find is extraordinary.

“Upon closer examination of the formation, this mound appears to have a very flat top and a curiously symmetrical triangular shape that has been heavily eroded with time.”

One sight contains four mounds with seemingly triangular plateaus. The largest of which is 620 feet wide (roughly 3x the size of the Great Pyramid in Giza). The second site contains a 150 foot wide mound with a square base with three smaller mounds close by.

The next step is for Egyptologist to go in on the ground with a team of researchers to secure the area and see is the mounds are actual pyramids or not. But Angela is certain,

“The images speak for themselves. It’s very obvious what the sites may contain but field research is needed to verify they are, in fact, pyramids and evidence should be gathered to determine their origins.”

Holidays in Egypt could get a lot more interesting if these new sights are confirmed, adding a handful of new pyramids to Egypt’s list of ancient sights to visit.

Img: timkelley / Flickr cc.

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