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Yesterday Lonely Planet released its Best in Travel 2016 list, predicting the best-value and hottest destinations for next year.

So if you’re struggling to decide on a city to visit next year and need some travel inspiration to guide you, take a look at the list and why not book a flight to Rotterdam.

Lonely Planet’s staff and community members determined the rankings.

Best country

1. Botswana
2. Japan
3. USA
4. Palau
5. Latvia
6. Australia
7. Poland
8. Uruguay
9. Greenland
10. Fiji

Best city

1. Kotor
2. Quito
3. Dublin
4. George Town
5. Rotterdam
6. Mumbai
7. Fremantle
8. Manchester
9. Nashville
10. Rome

IMG: Marvin Chandra / Flickr cc.

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