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Ryanair has announced that its website will be closed for maintenance this weekend, meaning that passengers taking-off with them won’t be able to print off their boarding passes. No boarding pass at the airport? Expect to dish out £60 according to Ryanair’s fee scheme.

No mercy from Ryanair this weekend and we reckon they’ll cash in on quite a few travellers who need boarding passes at airports across Europe as Ryanair closes its website for maintenance from 10pm Friday until midnight on Saturday night. This means that if passengers haven’t printed off their boarding passes in advance, they’re out of luck and can expect to pay £60 for an airline agent to print it off for them at the airport.

These sorts of additional fees are part of Ryanair’s low cost fare model. If you follow their rules, you can fly for cheap. If not, pay up. Printing your own boarding pass is part of the deal. Passengers can check-in online and print their boarding passes up to 15 days prior to departure and no later than 4 hours before the scheduled take-off time. This gives passengers flying this weekend on Ryanair flights plenty of time to print them off before the scheduled maintenance.

Maintenance schedule

Passengers flying with Ryanair on Saturday and Sunday are advised to check-in online and print their boarding passes before 4pm on Friday.

  • Online check-in will be unavailable 16:00 Friday, May 18 – 12:00 Sunday, May 20
  • Flight bookings will be closed 22:00 Friday, May 18 – 22:00 Saturday, May 19
  • Flight changes cannot be made 22:00 Friday, May 18 – 22:00 Saturday, May 19

Are you flying Ryanair this weekend?

Img: bigpresh / Flickr cc. 

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