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Do you consider yourself a savvy packer when it comes to travelling? Do you use everything that you pack? A new study suggests that 90% of British travellers don’t use up to 30% of what they pack for a holiday abroad.

Think you’re a packing guru? New surveys conducted by British Airways say the opposite, or at least that British travellers still have a thing or two to learn about packing for their holidays and trips.

The study asked several questions to BA fliers including the most random item they have ever packed for a trip and not used. Wondering what the most popular item was? Not surprisingly (or is it?): teabags. Followed in a close second by kettles. Marmite was also high up in the list of random yet unused items packed.

1 in 5 travellers don’t check baggage limits before their trips.

Travellers aren’t so limited when it comes to flying onboard a regular airline but if you’ve chosen the low cost option, you’ve got to be stingy with your packing or else expect to pay up at the airport check-in desk. Many travellers are opting for carry-on luggage only for short trips, since checked luggage comes at an addition fee. But if you’re the random passenger Ryanair asks to measure and weigh your (obviously overweight) carry-on watch out! It can cost as much as £60 at the airport to check that baby in. 

Families are more likely to travel with a reg. airline just for the baggage allowances.

YOU... shouldn't pack so many pairs of shoes!

Those participating in the study admitted to regularly packing more than three pairs of shoes as well as more than ten pairs of underwear and more than three towels. Excessive? Looks like we can still learn a few things about packing! Here are a few posts we’ve put together to make your packing life just a little bit easier. But the best advice remains,

Always check your airline’s luggage allowance before you pack.

…and leave your teabags at home.

Have you ever had to pay excess luggage fees? 

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