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Get your board in gear because we’re hitting up the biggest skate parks around the world! We’re doing it Tony Hawk style for this year’s Go Skateboarding Day, are you ready to nollie, switch and pull a fakie?

Whether you skateboard, inline skate or ride a BMX, “international” Go Skateboarding Day” is for you and we’ve hand-picked the best parks in the world for you to try and conquer. Skateparks come in all shapes and sizes with playgrounds for every skill level.

Etnies Skatepark – California


Located in Lake Forest, this is the largest public (read: free) skatepark in California. It’s 3,700 m² large, meaning there’s plenty of room to play around in. Year after year it’s rated as one of the best parks in the country and has even been featured in a video game or two. This park is open year-round.

Marseille Skatepark – France


If you need a break from the beach, while on holidays in Marseille then this may be your ticket. This giant bowl is legendary not only in France but the world. You’ll find it located right next to Vieille Chapelle Beach. Want to go for a spin? Access to this park costs €4 an hour or €12 a day.

Stockwell Skatepark – England


South London, represent! Stockwell Skatepark is also known as the Brixton Bowls or Brixton Beach. It’s part of Stockwell Park and is free to use and open 24h. It’s been home to some of London’s best skateboarders since the 1970s when it was built. These half-pipes and ramps have seen the likes of Jason Lee and Bam Margera. Access via Brixton Station.

SMP – China


Skateboarding in China is picking up speed and this park is definitely helping put China, and more specifically, Shanghai on the skateboarding map. SMP is the largest skatepark in the world. It is home to the biggest vertical ramp in the world and the largest concrete bowl in the world! 2,000 m² in size, SMP is definitely one to add to the travel bucket list.

Burnside Skatepark – Portland


Burnside Skatepark is located right under the eastern end of Burnside Bridge in Portland, Oregon. Originally it was built without planning permission from the city but with so much support behind the project, it was eventually approved and is now a public park. Real skating aficionados will recognize it from games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Grind Session. It was also featured in the 1993 classic, Free Willy.

Skater or not, do you keep up with your sports while on holidays?

Imgs: ETDM, cudmore, Ewan-M,, Effervescing Elephant / Flickr cc.

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  1. Ahh Burnside – I have a few mates who have skated that – Having grown up skating (I still do occasionally make a guest appearance) Burnside is on my List of Must Do’s


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