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The Olympic Games have come and gone. It was a whirlwind trip of medal ceremonies, broken records and candid moments. After all, it’s not everyday you get to see Boris and Cameron groove to the Spice Girls. When it’s all over, what’s an athlete to do? Go on holidays of course, and these are their favourite spots.

When we heard that British Airways was interviewing Team GB about their favourite holiday spots to relax after the games we weren’t surprised at all by their choices. Vegas’s casinos and shows were the top pick, a perfect place to unwind. Spain’s endless beaches came into a close second. In third there was a three-way tie between Thailand, Australia and Greece.

Las Vegas


Vegas has something for everyone. You can gamble 24/7 but once you’ve cashed out at the slots it’s definitely not game over. There are endless shows to catch, gondolas to ride, malls to shop at, golden nuggets to see and mountains to climb for the outdoors-types. Get married in Vegas while you’re at it, Vegas isn’t the wedding capital of the world for nothing.

Flights to Vegas



Spain continues to be a show-stopper for summer holidays year after year. It’s a safe choice with such great cities, amazing cuisine, spot on beaches, great island parties and a stunning natural landscape. We’re not surprised that it’s the second choice among Olympic athletes looking for a break. From Barcelona’s city sights to the postcard-worthy Balearic coasts, down to Andalucia and off to the Canary Islands.

Flights to Majorca



Sultry Santorini is an obvious choice for trips to Greece. But don’t forget about the gems on the mainland too. Athens is a must if you’ve never been, Thessaloniki’s northern culture should not be missed, Volos’ pretty buildings and top-notch museums and Rhodes’ impressive medieval town centre and coastal beaches.

Flights to Santorini



A whole continent to explore down under in Oz. Start with Sydney, totally cosmopolitan with a vibe you just can’t help but love. Hit up Bondi for some surf lessons, trek the Blue Mountains and then head out to explore the country’s other regions. Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide… which direction to go?

Flights to Sydney



Digging your toes into the hot sand of a Thai beach after running the race of your life is a dream. Thailand is a major contender for a medal in the “R&R” category. Head to the islands and rent a beach hut all for yourself. Ko Samet, Ko Chang, Phuket, Ko Lipet… there is something for everyone, it really just depends how much privacy you want.

Flights to Bangkok

Which destination would you choose for rest and relaxation?

Img: kelp, gloel, lynnder, lcnlennyliu, joanet / Flickr cc.

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