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The latest edition to Copenhagen’s repertoire of museums is one dedicated to rock ‘n roll. As if music-lovers needed another reason to visit the Danish capital!

This monument to rock music is opening in the same place where tens of thousands of rockers from around the world gather each year for the Roskilde Festival (one of the best music festivals in Europe). The museum will trace the evolution of rock music since its birth in the 1950s to the present day.

In addition to exhibitions, the museum plans to open a sound lab, where visitors can get hands on experience with the music. Visitors will be able to interpret and revisit their favourite songs from Elvis or Van Halen in a recording studio.

Find yourself at the opening this summer when you book cheap flights to Copenhagen. So far though, the date for the grand opening hasn’t been fixed. Right now, flights from London to Copenhagen are only around £65 return mid-July.


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