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We’re now in year two of Ryanair’s total brand makeover and the low cost giant has announced plans to drop the bright yellow of its brand. Sunshine yellow interiors, be gone!

Ryanair announced it would limited the use of bright yellow its cabins and uniforms as the biggest low cost airline in Europe hopes to take on a more refined look. The cabin bulkheads, which are currently entirely yellow, will feature images of families on holiday or destination pics, while passengers seats will be wholly blue, with only a few yellow splashes on the overhead luggage bins.

Crew uniforms will also get a makeover, with “less yellow.” Cabin crew uniforms will feature either while or blue shirts and blouses, instead of yellow ones. The airline has a few other tricks up their sleeves for the future: like more legroom (imagine!) and passengers being able to hold fares for 24 hours (for a fee of €5 of course).

Ryanair’s Chief Commercial Officer, Kenny Jacobs, told journalists,

“We’re not vanilla, we’re still going to have a bit of a Sex Pistols attitude. You’re never going to see us being boring, you’re never going to see us fade into grey and be just like every other carrier.”

Let’s see what Ryanair has up its sleeves next!

Img: dw / Flickr cc.

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