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When it comes to booking cheap hotels in Shanghai, the choice can be overwhelming – and just to throw another spanner into the works, one chain has announced it plans to build a new one.

However, the complex from Urbn Hotels & Resorts – to be built in the Sanlin district of Pudong in Shanghai – will have a difference: it is to be entirely sustainable.

Constructed in conjunction with Vanke, China’s largest residential real estate developer, the 20,000 sq m boutique hotel is expected to be part of a huge new development in the region.

It follows in the footsteps of another cheap hotel in Shanghai’s Jingan district by the same chain, thought to be an extremely green development.

“The hotel will increase the biodiversity of the site and will discharge water that is cleaner than the water from the city’s water supply,” Jules Kwan, managing director of Urbn, said, adding that it will be “carbon neutral”.

Elsewhere, writing for her Forbes blog, Rebecca Fannin recently recommended the city’s Peace Hotel.

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