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Malta is where cultures cross each other’s paths, they mix and mingle and in the end you have a European island with a fusion of flavours and styles. Arabia influences in the language, Sicilian influences in the cuisine, North African influences in the arts… Have you discovered Malta yet?

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Malta is an island that can’t help but satisfy your every sense

Taste: Fresh and local should be two words that always accompany seafood. This rings especially true in Marsaxlokk, a traditional fishing village found in the south-east part of Malta. Grab a table that overlooks the picture-perfect harbour. What’s the catch of the day? Swordfish, tuna and lampuki (a local favourite).

Sight: As Malta’s old capital, you can be sure the Mdina is nothing short of regal and elegant looking. It’s a medieval town with fortified walls surrounding it right in the centre of the island. Between plazas, chapels, cathedrals and monasteries… this town is the definition of Romanesque architecture. Jaw-dropping.

Hearing: One of the most mysterious sights, UNESCO recognised, the Hypogeum is an underground structure from even before prehistoric times. The chambers are so quiet, totally cut off from the outside world. Only 80 people are allowed to visit a day, so book yours in advance. There are countless mysterious happenings including disappearances and strange ghostly creatures. Listen, can you hear them whispering?

Smell: Vittoriosa is another small city that is definitely worth checking out. It’s a mix of ancient and historical buildings, refreshingly mixed with an emerging arts scene. The city centre is dotted with dzoens of great little wine bars. Order a glass or local wine. Swirl it around and get your nose deep into your glass. Inhale. This is what Malta smells like.

Touch: Feel the sand between your toes and dive deep into the clear waters of the Blue Lagoon. This swimming spot is the most popular place to go in the summer but once August passes, this is a must-visit. Bring your snorkel gear!

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Img: emmapidduck / Flickr cc.

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