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Travellers with any misconceptions about China will have them busted the second they step off those cheap flights to Beijing, if the experience of one writer is anything to go by.

In a piece for the Bradenton Times, Joe McClash explained that he had been unsure of what to expect when he landed in the country, as he admitted to holding some stereotypes in place before the trip.

One thing the reporter praised is the quality of the cheap hotels in Beijing, noting the one he stayed in was “new, modern and well-designed“.

Furthermore, having visited the World Expo, Mr McClash claimed to be floored at the amazing view before him.

“From their colourful buildings, to each one having unique designs under an ever-changing lighted bridge in the background, this was an impressive sight,” he observed, adding that the roads were extremely well-maintained and easy to navigate.

However, if you’re not convinced, it could be worth following advice recently printed in the Toronto Star, which claimed that Hong Kong flights take you to a place unlike any other in the world.

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