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In less than a month Germany’s biggest beer fest will kick off in its southern region of Bavaria. Find out how to snag a cheap flight to Munich and make the most of the festival!

Three years ago, we gave you a whole host of reasons why NOT to go to Oktoberfest. Well, we’ve had a change of heart and this year, we’re in better spirits and can’t recommend this extraordinary feast and festival that is Oktoberfest enough! Get ready to head to Munich!

Oktoberfest 2014: practical info

Let’s start with the festival basics. Oktoberfest starts on September 20th and runs all the way until October 5th. You have, therefore, three weekends to choose from if you want to celebrate in Munich. Here are the festival’s key dates to keep in mind when you plan your flights to Munich.

  • Saturday, September 20: tapping of the first Oktoberfest beer barrels by the Munich mayor
  • Sunday, September 21: traditional costume parade through Munich
  • Tuesday, September 23: family day; all rides and performances are reduced price
  • Thursday, September 25: traditional religious mass
  • Sunday, September 28: traditional brass band concerts
  • Tuesday, September 30: family day
  • Sunday, October 5: gun salute and festival farewell

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Getting to Oktoberfest

Accommodation: each year the festival welcomes around 6 million visitors! It’s a scramble to book a hotel room in Munich at this time of the year. If you’re having difficulties finding a room for a good price, there’s always youth hostels and campgrounds nearby. There are even those who go to the festival for the weekend and don’t even bother with a hotel; they stay up and drink all day and all night until their flight home again.

Flights to Munich: expect to dish out between £150-200 for your return flight tickets from London to Munich. Plenty of airlines operate the route including SWISS, Lufthansa, KLM, Air France and Brussels Air. For low cost options, consider flying to a nearby airport like Friedrichshafen onboard easyJet and Vueling or Memmingen onboard Germanwings and Ryanair.

Once you’re in Munich: public transportation (metro and bus) will not only save you money but everything runs beautifully on time here.


Tips for surviving Oktoberfest

  • The Bavarian ladies, with their golden plaits and traditional dresses, don’t serve drinks to anyone who isn’t sitting down at a table so if you don’t find a seat in a tent, don’t expect to drink!
  • It’s not necessary to reserve a table in a tent… but it’s strongly recommended. Remember there will be millions of other visitors wanting to grab a table.
  • Tipping your servers at least 10% is a good way to get friendly and swift service.
  • Don’t leave your seat unattended. Or else you risk losing it!
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