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Do you typically have to use post-it notes to remind yourself of things? Are you that person who needs to buy a toothbrush at every stop because you always forget yours? If you are, then take note (maybe fetch your pad of post-its now) of the things you definitely should NOT forget to pack for your next trip.

Travel packing is an art-form of its own kind. It takes experience, skill, sometimes physical agility and organisation. You make a list, double-check it, make another one. Heaven forbid you forget even the smallest thing before your flight. Here’s a list of often over-looked items that no one should be without while travelling.

What NOT to forget

  • Mini-torch: for those times when the power goes out, you can’t find your keys in the dark or just need an extra light
  • Paper fan: (for the ladies) these small, foldaway fans are invaluable in hot and humid countries
  • Roll of toilet paper: surprisingly scarce in some parts of the would, you wouldn’t want to reach the stall unprepared
  • Echinacea & Vitamin C: chewable or tablet form, one a day will keep your immune system healthy when you feel that first tingle in your throat
  • Earplugs: remedy against snoring flight passengers, loud buses, hotels with paper-thin walls… you get the point
  • Sewing kit: a needle, thread, safety pin and spare buttons will always come handy. Make your own DIY kit using a plastic film canister
  • Postcards from home: instead of stuffy-looking business cards, exchange contact info with a postcard from your home, makes it more personal as well
  • Rubber thongs: not only for the beach, but in showers and well… everywhere you’re hesitant to go bare-foot
  • First-aid kit: nothing fancy but a few bandages, cotton balls, alcohol wipes and tea tree oil go a long way
  • Cotton carry-bag: small and compact, it’s easy to wash, re-use and comes handy in almost every situation when you just have too much to carry or splurge at the market

Which item are you most likely to forget? What would you never dream of travelling without?

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Img: jenosaur, Flickr cc.

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2 responses to “Packing: what NOT to forget

  1. How true is that? Some habits don't change if you're on the road or not! But it must count for something to at least carry them with you… right?

  2. I always try to bring vitamins with me. I may not end up remembering to take them, but I always have them with me just in case I feel a bit sluggish.

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