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Those of us who maybe aren’t ambitious enough to take the world on solo should choose our travel partners very carefully. Living on the road with someone requires more than just a close friendship; it takes patience, compromise, open-mindedness, did we mention patience?

This week’s #TTOT topic was partner travel, always an important subject when it comes to hitting the road. If you travel with a partner you’re bound to bump heads and get in each other’s way. On the other hand, you’ve always got someone to lean on and spend time with. There are endless of pros and cons to travelling with a partner but here are the top 10 from this week’s session.

Trouble with your travel partner? Check out these tips for keeping the peace.

Q2 via @insidetravellab: What are the best and worst things about traveling with a/your partner?

1. @sichree23: Best: Someone to talk to. Worst: Someone I have to talk to.

2. @surfergrrl: Best? Sharing those once in a lifetime experiences. Worst? Really bad jet lag + a lot of time w/ just that person = conflict

3. @spinstercopass: Best – splitting costs. Worst – less freedom compared to solo travel.

4. @ourtastytravels: Best is tables for two. Worst is being the camera lens sherpa.

5. @ResortsLodges: Best – discovering new places together! Worst – getting lost while doing so and arguing.

6. @MalloryOnTravel: Best she buys the guidebook, worst she BRINGS to guidebook

7. @BAIRDSTRAVEL: Best thing they take you in the photos. Worst another case to carry if going longhaul

8. @MiddleSeatView: someone to help me drink the bottle of wine. that way I only drink 3/4 of it myself

9. @traveldudes: Best: That you have someone to share the experience with. But with no partner, you still have Twitter… lol

10. @thecitizeNY: Best-he’s my husband. Worst-he’s my husband.

Would you rather travel solo or with a partner? How do you choose your travel partner?

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