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The Faroe Islands are really something special. Located halfway between Iceland and Norway in the middle of the North Atlantic, this group of 18 islands is the perfect spot for travellers that love the outdoors and don’t mind unpredictable weather if it means stunning scenery and curious sheep.

We stumbled upon this photographer’s collection of shots he took on a two-day stopover in the Faroe Islands en route to Iceland. Stig Nygaard is a Danish photographer with a great eye for light and capturing landscapes. The photos here were taking in late June, just when tourism season begins in the Faroe Islands.

How to get here

Looking on a map, the Faroe Islands seem like they’re pretty out there but Atlantic Airways offers year-round flights to the Faroe Islands from England and during the summer months there are direct flights from London Gatwick. Alternatively there is the ferry which departs from Hirtshals in Denmark twice a week in the summer months.






Are the Faroe Islands on your travel bucket list for 2014?

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