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Don’t you love it when someone is there waiting for you at the airport when you step off your flight? It’s even better when they have a sign, right? Now friends and family can print on-demand ‘Welcome Home’ posters at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport!

How cool (and slightly embarrassing for the person receiving the greeting) is it that there is a new vending machine at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport that lets you design and print a custom banner?! This is one of the most creative airport amenities we’ve seen in a while.

Friends and family waiting for their beloved travellers to arrive off their flights to Amsterdam can create a personalized canvas banner while they wait in the Arrivals Terminal. The airport’s newest vending machine lets you choose your font size, background and theme. Enter your own text to create a custom greeting and pay for it with either a credit or debit card.


Where did this genius idea come from?

“We came up with the idea because when we were at the airport we’d see all these people welcoming their friends and family with their own banners made of bed sheets and we thought what a hassle using sheets, wouldn’t it just be easier to make the banner at the airport,”  said BannerXpress’s co-founder Thibaud Bruna.

What would your banner say?

Look for the “BannerXpress” machine at Arrivals Hall 2 the next time you’re at Schiphol. Banners cost between €3.95 and €14.95, depending on the size. You’ll likely see more of these machines popping up if they turn out to be as popular as we think they’ll be.

Have you ever made a Welcome banner for a friend or family member? Would you use a machine like this?

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