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Ecuador is so clever. You know those stickers on your bananas, the one’s that say “Ecuador Bananas?” Don’t be so quick to toss them. Ecuador’s new tourism campaign is called the “Banana Ambassador” and revolves around those too-easy-to-ignore stickers.

Bananas for Ecuador

Ecuador is the world’s largest producer of bananas. It exports a whopping 24 billion tonnes of them every year. You’ll soon be seeing your usual banana stickers being replaced by new ones featuring a QR code and the country’s logo.

What to do: scan the QR code with your smartphone and watch the promotional video encouraging you to plan a holiday in Ecuador and visit the country’s official tourism site. The tourism ministry says, “Now, every time someone eats a banana, he or she will be closer to visiting Ecuador.”

One banana at a time, Ecuador hopes its lowly yellow fruit will help promote the country it originates from.

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Have you travelled to Ecuador? What was your favourite part of the country?

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2 responses to “Ecuador and the case for banana tourism

  1. I lived in Ecuador for a year and loved it, I’m Australian and love everything Ecuadorian, especially the bananas. My fav place would have to be the Galápagos Islands 🙂

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