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Wedding talk has struck the nation in anticipation of the first big royal wedding in thirty years. But let’s go back to where it all began: the proposal. Prince William popped the legendary question in Kenya… a country of unsuspecting romance and adventure!

After the fact Kate Middleton splurged that, “it was all very romantic and very personal to Africa.” It all happened in a remote cabin a fair distance off the beaten track in Kenya’s back country. The couple enjoyed a one-day stopover at Rutundu Log Cabins when Prince William proposed… a Spartan-styled cabin with no electricity.

The Rutundu Log Cabins are only accessible by air, horseback or on foot following a trail 15 km from the nearest road. The cabin resort is surrounded by wildlife and sightings of elephants hyena, buffalo and leopards in a close by wildlife reserve are common. Prince William had visited the cabins once before a few years prior and he hopes, as he wrote in the resort’s guest book upon leaving, to return soon. Maybe for a honeymoon?

Want to make your own Kenyan proposal a princely affair?

  • Book cheap flights to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, for you and your sweetheart. A stay over night in the capital is recommended to take in a couple sights and acclimatize to Kenya.
  • Reserve your own cabin at Rutundu Log Cabins near Mount Kenya in advance, rates start at £350 a night. There are a dozen or so charming escapes like this in the Mount Kenya region, ranging from 2-4 stars. They offer a secluded and rustic escape from Nairobi and a chance to get close to some African wildlife. Find more accommodations in Kenya on
    From atop Mount Kenya (img: flickr cc)
  • Plan special outings to fish for your trout dinner in a nearby lake, go bird watching (Kenya is rated one of the best places in the world for this), try to spot some elephants or plan a trek up one of Mount Kenya’s peaks. This place is all about peace, quiet and tranquility, so enjoy it!
  • Wow her with a sentimental ring. The late Princess Diana’s sparkling sapphire engagement ring did the trick when Prince William proposed, adding a little bling to the moment.

Kenya is a perfect destination, not just for love-swept couples, but for the real adventure-type. The landscape ranges from tall mountains fit to be the home of the gods to arid deserts. The coast boasts coral reefs for diving and excellent beaches. Kenya’s tribal culture is unique and very colourful, making it a great jaunt for culture enthusiasts, beach bums, mountaineers, and animal-lovers… could you ask for a more versatile destination?

Have you ever proposed abroad, or have a proposal story worth sharing? What do you think are the most romantic travel destinations in the world? Leave a comment, we love reading them!

Imgs: thisislondon / Flickr cc. johspooner

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