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They are some of the most important events of the summer: the Gay Pride Parades! This year, millions of people from around the world will gather to support the rights of the LGBT community and celebrate love that comes in all shapes and sizes. From San Francisco to Sao Paulo, here are the best Gay Pride Parades for 2016.

Gay Pride in London

London Pride attracts some 700,000 people every year from London, the UK and around the world. It’s one of the biggest events in the city and lasts for an entire week. If you want to be part of the fun this year, make sure you head to the capital June 20-26 this summer. If you just have one weekend, arrive in time for the grand parade on June 25.


Gay Pride in Montreal

Planning a trip to Montreal this summer? While Montreal attracts hundreds of thousands for its annual summer Jazz Festival, August is also when the Gay Pride Parade rolls into town. Catch all the action between August 8 and 14th for concerts, parades and other colourful events. The main event takes place on Sunday, August 14th. Because Montreal is so popular in August, it’s highly recommended to book your hotel in Montreal well in advance.


Gay Pride Amsterdam

If you want to enjoy a spectacular Gay Pride outside of the UK, grab a cheap flight to Amsterdam this summer. The Dutch metropolis is one of the few cities in the world where the parade is celebrated in boats on the water, travelling along the city’s famous canals August 5-7th. Grab your mates, your most colourful clothing and your whistles, it’s time to party!


Gay Pride in Sao Paulo

The earliest Gay Pride parade in the summer calendar is this one, in the heart of Brazil. The Pride Parade in Sao Paulo is one of the most important LGBT events in South America, attracting over 3 million visitors in brightly coloured costumes on the streets of this Brazilian city. It’s just like Carnival, but crazier!


Gay Pride in San Francisco

Last but not least: San Francisco, one of the most liberal cities in the United States. Also known as the Gay Capital! The gigantic and extravagant Gay Pride in San Francisco will take place on June 26 this summer.


Images: Pride London / One Sunny Day by Colm Howard-Lloyd, Montreal Gay Pride 2009 by Quinn Dombrowski, DSC_4849 by Francesco Crippa, Parada Gay 2013 – São Paulo. Foto : Rita Barreto – Bahiatursa by Turismo Bahia, SF Pride by GPS, rainbow warriors — pride parade : san francisco (2014) by torbakhopper / Flickr cc.

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