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“The best way to help Ecuador is to visit Ecuador,” pleads Quito mayor Mauricio Rodas in the aftermath of an earthquake on the country’s eastern shore.

International tourism always takes a hit when a natural disaster strikes, which is why the mayor of the country’s capital city took the podium this week asking the world, “Please visit us.”

He confirmed that the city of Quito is safe to visit. The capital only suffered minor damage to some buildings on its south side but the historic Old Quito is untouched. The city is operating normally, with all hotels, restaurants open and flights to Quito Airport operating normally.

Rodas also called for Ecuadorians to welcome international visitors with friendship, saying “Now, more than ever, we need to open our doors, lay out a welcome mat, and enthusiastically promote all Ecuador has to offer.”

“As the gateway to Ecuador, we welcome you with open arms. The best way to help Ecuador is to visit Ecuador.”

Img: Quito by doridelsarto / Flickr cc.

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