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Conservationists have launched a global campaign against the illegal trade of wild animals and are asking tourists to help with a new smartphone app.

A new smartphone has been developed that allows people to submit photos and data of suspicious items on sale around the world, in hopes of helping enforcement agencies bring a stop to illegal wildlife trade.

It is estimated by the United Nations that illegal trade is worth billions every year and it’s growing despite major efforts. Poaching is on the rise, especially tigers and rhinos, so conservationists are asking tourists to help!

The app, called Wildlife Witness, was developed by Taronga Conservation Society Australia alongside Traffic, a wildlife trade monitoring network. It hopes to focus on trafficking in South East Asia, which has been dubbed a hub for the global wildlife trade. Chester Zoo is working to raise awareness of the project in Europe, while the San Diego Zoo is doing the same in the United States.

If you’re travelling on holidays in Thailand and see something like a baby sun bear for sale or some ivory then snap a pic and record the details with the app and the information will be sent directly to Traffic. Just be cautious, in no way should you put yourself in danger trying to report on the app.

Want to get involved? Download the app!

Img: Sun Bear by GRVO TV / Flickr cc.

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