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Road trip in your future? After you’ve sorted your luggage and your route, don’t forget these practical but easy to forget essentials for any car trip whether it’s just to the countryside and back or a longer trek.

#1 Car food


No road trip is complete without a full array of car snacks. Everyone has their favourites but what you’re looking for are snacks that are crumb-free, grease-free and mess-free. Winning easy-to-eat snacks include chopped up carrot sticks, grapes and tortilla sandwiches with a filling not likely to drip like hummus and veggies.

#2 Audiobooks

It can get a little tiring to listen to the same songs over and over again on the radio so why not get some “reading” done while you’re on the road? Audiobooks not only keep you occupied while you’ve got serious mileage to cover but if you’re travelling with kids, it’s a great way to keep them quiet and engaged and keeps “Are we there yet?” off their minds.

#3 LR

Two words: Loo. Roll. You’re going to need it because let’s face it, public toilets are not the king’s thrones we’re used to at home. As well, remember to pack some wet towelettes for washing your hands after a snack, a box of tissues and a couple of bin bags just in case someone gets a bout of car sickness.

#4 Travel games


The whole “I spy” game gets pretty lame pretty quick and can wear everyone in the car a bit thin. Pack some new travel games (so the kids get some excitement over having something new to play with). Word games, travel bingo, cards and even audio trivia games are great fun and easily chases away boredom.

#5 Car chargers

This one is easy to miss out on if you don’t regularly charge your devices in the car. Bring adaptors for your mobile phone, mp3 player, laptop and any other electric devices you’re bringing on your trip. Remember, not all UK car hires come with GPS systems so if you borrow one, don’t forget to bring the charging cable!

#6 Pillows and blankets

We’d also like to throw in a small tent to this category because sometimes you’ve got to rough it and if not, you’ve at least got to be comfortable in the back seat. Snuggly pillows and a blanket are essential companions for napping in the car so don’t forget them!

#7 Spare keys


It’s quite easy to lock the keys into the car at any pitstop when you’re juggling the petrol pump, wallet, map and managing who’s just run off to the loo. Keep a spare set of keys in a separate bag just in case.

What are your must-pack items for a road trip?

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