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For some a “staycation” equals holiday doom. For others, it’s a new way to discover what’s in their own backyard. Whether your original plans didn’t work out the way you hoped or you’re saving for the next big trip, here are some do’s and do not’s for great staycations.

There’s definitely a secret to having a success staycation. When travellers on Twitter were asked for their advice on how to make a staycation really feel like a holiday, they have a few things to say. These are just some ideas for making your holiday at home really feel like a break.

What to do to make the most of your staycation

Boris bike
Ride a Boris bike!
  • Change your daily routine, live the day, time with friends, do something new. (via @unloggeddiving)
  • Break all the rules… Eat what u like, stay out late change your name for a night act as outrageously as you dare! (via @Kim_houghton)
  • Disconnect. No phone. No internet. No Twitter. No Facebook. Which I wish was easy. (via @walkflypinoy)
  • Visit local places that you’ve always heard of but never been to. Try new eatery places. (via @tripscrafters)
  • Make a list of ideas for a friend visiting from overseas – and then go do them yourself! (via @redheadedtravel)
  • GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Visit or revisit your city’s tourist spots. Try a non-local beer. Meet travellers. Go somewhere new. (via @hyperren)
  • Wear flip flop, sunglasses, speak to everyone in a foreign language, get ill, and have a beer at breakfast. (via @Travel_Rich)
  • Do try and go as often as possible, it will be worth it! (via @findmypassport)
  • Put on some fake tan, at least you’ll look like you’ve had a beach holiday. (via @FourItchyFeet)
  • Go to a cafe or restaurant that serves local, traditional food! (via ‏@As_You_LikeIt)
  • Go check out that tourist attraction you generally wouldn’t and turn off work emails! (via @herescrofty)
  • DO eat something you wouldn’t normally. Bonus points if you can’t pronounce its name! (via @LateralMovement)
  • Approach it like a real holiday, have one really good restaurant meal, one street food meal. (via @seekandhide_in)
  • DO exchange house/apt with friends in ur city for a new environment. (via @SonjaSwissLife)
  • Stay away from your blackberry and laptop. (via @Nanoz84)
  • Do something different & challenge yourself. Find something surprising about your own country outside of your routine comfort zone. (via @BackpackerBecki)

What not to do during your staycation

Scottish highlands
Scottish highlands: no need for a swimsuit here
  • Don’t over plan. (via @unloggeddiving)
  • Don’t attend work related phone calls. (via @tripcrafters)
  • DON’T pack a bikini if your staycation’s in Scotland. (via @LadysGarden)
  • Don’t sneak in any work calls or emails. (via @seekandhide_in)

Have you ever stayed home for the holidays? How did you make your staycation feel like a real holiday?

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Imgs: kjgarbutt, sblackley / Flickr cc.

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