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Once again Ryanair is slashing seat prices to gear up to this year’s coming tourist season. Ryanair is one of Europe’s leading low cost and no frills airlines and they’re keeping themselves on the top of the game with all of these great savings. Until midnight tonight (May 6th) you have time to take advantage of an up to 25% discount on all fare and all routes for travel in late May and June.

6 million seats are up for offer from Ryanair and aren’t restricted to fare-type, destination or departure city. The discount is available for flights on more than 1000 routes. To take full advantage of the deal, watch out for the additional charges that can quickly rack up your low cost airfare total like checked luggage and credit card fees. If you forgo priority boarding and use a Mastercard Prepaid card and travel with only carry-on luggage you can be assured that you get one of the lowest airfares available.

You can search for Ryanair flights to your favourite destinations in Ryanair’s network right on, like you would for any flights. Once the search results appear, simply choose Ryanair from the list of available airlines and you’ll be able to easily scan the fares and choose one that you like. Once you do, click and you can book your flight directly on Ryanair’s website. You might ask yourself now, why not just search and book right on Ryanair?

Surprisingly, Ryanair is not always the cheapest option especially if you plan to check luggage. On you can search, filter and browse the fares all taxes and fees included but keep in mind that many low cost airlines have additional charges if you pay by credit card, etc. Take a look at our previous article on Airline fees and what to expect when flying low cost to find tips on how to avoid extra charges. You only have until midnight tonight to book your flights, so start searching!

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