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An innovative new line of cheap hotels in Toronto will be appearing in the near future, in news which could be of particular interest to would-be jet-setters considering booking themselves a stay in the metropolis.

According to the Montreal Gazette, brother and sister double act Christiane and Jean-Yves Germain, founders and co-presidents of Quebec City’s Groupe Germain, still plan to put into action goals they outlined in 2008 to install six new ALT structures across the country.

The proposals should see two new complexes built in this city in particular, one near Pearson International Airport and the other further downtown.

The news source claimed the accommodation is designed for maximum value for money – but the low prices means they are strictly no-frills and therefore might be most suitable for business travellers searching for cheapest flights to Toronto.

Meanwhile, many sports fans who flew to the area to eke out the last games of the Blue Jays’ baseball season might be looking for new and interesting attractions in the city.

It may be just as well, then, that a piece on Helium recently claimed the public transport system in Toronto is second to none.

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