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Amsterdam, windmills, tulips… that’s not exactly the Holland we’re after. The question on the table is about the new French president, or rather where he hails from, Tulle. It’s safe to say that the municipality of Tulle has decided to surf the media wave in hopes of attracting more visitors after the election of François Hollande. 

“In the steps of François Hollande,” this is the name chosen for the city’s Tourism Office program which will begin “soon” at the beginning of July, according to plan. Since the French presidential election on May 6th, the city has faced a wave of tourists from every corner of France and abroad.

On the trail of the French president

Tulle bridge

We don’t count on the whole world flocking to Tulle because a guy from there has been elected as the French president but if you’re in the Corrèze region anyways for a holiday in France then we do suggest you pay Tulle a little visit.

For one, the city of Tulle is very pretty. Located in a small valley, it’s called the “city of seven hills” with a very interesting medival history and heritage, something you’ll notice as you wander the city’s maze of picturesque alleys, each more photo-worthy than the previous.

Corrèze is an ideal place for city workers looking to get away from slabs of concrete and the daily drudge of being crammed into the Tube and being ushered up and down long tunnels on moving staircases. Get some space, get some air and a little French food in you on a trip to Corrèze. Tulle is just the beginning, the region has far more to offer in places like Argentat, Turenne or Honey Lake (Lac du Miel), all pictured below.

But let’s get back to our “Hollande Tour”. The person responsible of the project at the tourism office, Marie Bonchet, explained to media, who were hot on her heels for details, that:

“The basic idea is to discover all the places that shaped the new president’s career in a day… In the afternoon, visitors can discover the historical heart of the city and the redevelopment projects made at the time when François Hollande was mayor.”

  • Town Hall was built in the 1840s – Hollande was in office between 2001 and 2008
  • The General Council is housed in a building from the 17th century – where Hollande chaired it from 2008
  • Cathedral Square – where he delivered his speech on the evening of his election
  • Medieval Quarter – redeveloped during his tenure
  • Restaurants – where he has eaten out at with his family including La Taverne du Sommelier where the manager insists Hollande has been a customer for 25 years. There is even a presidential menu: shrimp entrée, lamb as a main and a strawberry dessert.


Lac du Miel


Turenne 2

What are your favourite places in France to visit? Have you ever made it to Corrèze?

Imgs:, France this way, @lain G, OliBac, Bleu nature (away…) / Flickr cc.

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