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What do you imagine airplanes will look like in the future? Spanish designer Oscar Vinals put his ideas of future air travel on paper and this is what he came up with… the Sky Whale, which totally looks like something out of a Star Trek episode!

Measuring 88 metres from wingtip to wingtip, this aircraft has a passenger capacity of 755. That’s so big it would dwarf just about anything, but especially the current Airbus A380.

The “Sky Whale” is equipped with solar panels on the exterior, to power the aircraft’s on-board electronics and four engines. Passengers would be distributed on three different levels, with first class on the top floor and low cost cabins below. Other curiosities about this aircraft from the future? The Whale can take off vertically just like a helicopter and the wings will be self-repairing.

Sounds amazing, right? Well… for now it’s all just an idea, a prototype. But the designer, Oscar Vinals, is so convinced that this is the future of aircraft travel that he’s already looking for investors to build the first model. Who knows… maybe in the future will be offering cheap flights on an aircraft like this one in the not so distant future?

In the meantime, we’ll just imagine what it might be like flying in First Class on this big fish from the photos and don’t miss the video at the bottom. Thinking about the future, what will travel be like in 2025?




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